Lovely Acrylic Painting in Progress



For the past few weeks we have been working on canvas in acrylic. Figure painting is tough for most, but with practice in shaping the forms, we can learn the many ways of using tools to achieve the parts of the painting. Palette knives can mold the painting and underpainting can create shadows and highlights. I will update the paintings when we are more close to finishing.

Picasso Ink and Non-Color Class

pablo-picasso-bullfight-iii picasso-540 line-drawings-picasso-bull

Picasso drawing, ink and non-color class. Spanish painter Pablo Picasso not only created with paint, but also inked as an art as seen in Don Quixote. Learn to create art, which is dramatic without the use of color. Capture the art of drawing through the exploration of count our drawing as well as drawing upside down, creating with your non-drawing hand and much more!


A student’s rendition of Toros y toreros. Superb!

valpicassodrawing valpicasso